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When I started with WordPress a long time ago, I thought Joomla was a better option. I needed a lot of plugins to do what was default in Joomla.

Width WordPress 5, the new block editor and the Kadence theme, Joomla will never catch up.

So now all my WordPress online business is done with software from Kadence WP.


About Kadence theme

So I’m a WordPress web designer and I needed a theme that took advantage of the new default WordPress 5 (Gutenberg) block editor. I have always felt that it was wrong to use a page builder. To me, that was to add an extra unnecessary layer of code (=complications). And my clients weren’t learning WordPress. They were learning Divi or Elementor and other smaller builders inside bloated ThemeForest – themes. So been there, done that.

I wanted a lean mean WordPress machine so before Kadence I went with Astra from Brainstorm Force. This theme is still highly recommended, so moving from Astra to Kadence was a bit tougher decision. Astra’s theme and team are great(!), but the theme logic and flexibility were a bit better with the Kadence theme. And the speed tests were amazing. Not to forget the Kadence Blocks Suite. They had the Accordion-block, which I like to use sometimes.

So, that’s my choice. Every client gets a Kadence package with my WordPress deal.

Are you Kadence affiliated?

Yes, but that has nothing to do with my choice. The Kadence theme and the Kadence blocks have free versions anyway. But I am always looking out for my client’s best interests. Some of them have been with me for 20 years and they know this. The reason I have affiliated links to Kadence is that I want Kadence to know that I sent them some new customers. That’s good for Kadence and my relationship with the Kadence team. So I just try to give back as a thank you for making this amazing software, and the affiliate links are just telling them that it’s me.

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