Site Kit from Google

Site Kit is Google’s official Analytics plugin for WordPress, integrating Google Analytics into the WordPress admin panel. Site Kit is the most used and trusted tool you can use to get an accurate picture of your website’s performance. Useful questions to ask are:

  • Which are my most popular posts?
  • What do they show up for in search?
  • How do people find the site in general, in search, or via other channels?
  • Does that match my expectations?
  • How would I like people to find me, and what can I do to change that?

Here you can see an in-depth introduction from Mariya Moeva, product manager at Google. You will get an overview of the metrics you can use to gauge the success of your WordPress website. She will show you how to translate your real-life business goals into online metrics how to track your site’s traffic and make improvements, and how Site Kit, Google’s WordPress plugin, can help you make this process efficient.

Find out more about Site Kit at And of course, every wpRacer WordPress installation gets Site Kit from Google installed and ready to go. All you need is to provide us with your personal or companies Google Account (normally a Gmail – address).